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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

Escaflowne - Yamato

Publié le 25 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

Here's a robot that is not very popular, but it has some real good points. With its 26 cm tall and 40 cm wingspan, this mecha has a big presence on a display.

It transforms in dragon mode, and the overal quality is very good, you even have big diecast parts on the legs. The paint is subtle, made with aerograph, not by a vulgar wash or ink. You have limited accessories, just the sword, alternative hands and the cloak Escaflowne usually wears (I've put the dragon wings 'cause I love winged robots :) ). This robot is very stable due to his heavy legs.

On the down side, I'd say that some plastic parts can be lost easily (knees...), and the torso is sometimes "loose" so beware.

But for the small price, you have a big, quite impressive and well done robot !

Don't hesitate to leave a comment to react, if you like it or not. More pictures here and here.


Nightmares of Lovecraft Cthulhu from Sota Toys

Publié le 25 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

The prototypes were shown by Sota more than 2 years ago, then there was a long, very long wait but now, at last, they are ready to be sold, the Nightmares of Lovecraft series from Sota Toys.

Here are all the pictures :

First, the prototype :



Then the real, ready to sell models...


Quite disappointing about the paint... We have to see it in real, but I might give it a repaint, such a cool representation of the Great Old One merits a better paintjob, no ? You love it, you hate it ? Leave a comment ;)


My tyranids on Hivefleet Garachnia

Publié le 23 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Hellric

My lovely tyranid conversions, hive queens and flying tyrants are now featured on Hive Fleet Garachnia, a tyranid website about a very complete hive from a young talented German, Simon Elsen a.k.a. Terrorfex from the Warpshadow tyranid board. My babies will be in good company there, thanks Terrorfex :) 

Hivefelet Garachnia


Balrog from Sabretooth Games

Publié le 21 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

Another monster that I particularly like is the Balrog. I've always been fascinated by this creature since the first time I've read the Lord of The Rings, about 20 years ago. I've collected them for years, I'll show my collection here some day. But today I want to show this miniature, because it is a very good quality/price ratio : the Balrog from Sabertooth games, for their game with trading, prepainted miniatures based on the Lord of The Rings. I think they don't have the license anymore, but it's a great item that you should find on Ebay.

More pics here and here


Bandai Fix #0025 RX-105 Xi Gundam

Publié le 21 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

New addition to my Gundam team, I've got another Bandai Fix Figuration #0025 so I can expose a RX-105 Xi Gundam and an RX-104FF Penerope at the same time, as I love both versions.


Individual shots can be found in the gallery :

here and there


Gundam FIX #0021 F91

Publié le 20 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

I've added a new Bandai Fix Figuration Gundam in my collection, the #0021 F91. It's a small one, but the blue paint is nice and as usual, details are amazing, especially the small writings. The 2 "wings" on the back are guns which can be directed to the front. Nice green translucent energy shield.


Aoshima Mazinkaiser chogokin

Publié le 20 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

I've bought this chogokin as I wanted to get an old fashioned robot that remind me my youth, when I watched Goldorak / Grendizer on tv. I choose Mazinkaiser because it was my favourite of all those kind of robots.

I have managed to find this one on Ebay at a reasonable price, it's the normal colour one, I didn't needed a rare or limited item.

The box is not that big : 31 x 23 x 11 cm. The robot is 20 cm tall without wings, and the wingspan reach an impressive 37 cm, which gives him a big presence on display shelves.

The gokin itself is amazingly finished, nearly completely diecast. Only plastic parts are the head, wings and small "wings" on the chest. The rest is all metal. The joints are strong, no loose one. As accessories, you have plastic arms whith firing fists, 2 missiles which can be fired from the stomach of the Mazinkaiser, various hands, even a hand to shake with Aoshima's Getter, and of course the big sword. the paint application is even.



Great Cthulhu - Horrorclix

Publié le 18 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

I finally received my Great Cthulhu limited edition of Wizkids' Horroclix game. Bought it on Ebay, it took 2 months to come, I really thought he was back to R'Lyeh, but he finally came. I had bought it once on Ebay and it never arrived, but I was refunded. I found then this one, at a very good price of 87 $ (including shipping !!!). I think I had great luck on this one :)

The model itself is very, very impressive; it's 18"(40cm) tall and has a 18" (40cm) wingspan, you can see a 28 mm dark eldar standing near to have an idea of the size. So either on a table or on display, this is an awesome presence. The details are very good, the paint is good but coud be better on the claws. you can see a few junctions at the base of the legs, arms and head. Beware, this is not an action figure, you cannot move anything.

The representation of Lovecraft's myth is very accurate and this is definitely a must for any Lovecraft / Cthulhu fan. Blame Wizkids for making this one a Convention exclusive. You can also buy it at 85 $ from WIzkids if you buy a full brick of Horrorclix stuff ( 77 EUR !!!). Now it solds on Ebay at 150$ +


Tyranid Elite winged warrior

Publié le 14 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Tyranids

Here's finally my elite winged warrior painted. He has a little problem, as it was destroyed by a falling box while the varnish was drying, but as his regeneration capacity seem great :) The paint scheme is my aquatic one, as he's the "bodyguard" of hive queen Primus, so they are assorted. The painting was much more difficult than expected due to a lot of details and the paint didn't fix well on the Forgeworld wings. As weapons he's got scything talons with venom sacs, crushing claws (feet !), venomous tail, enhanced senses, flesh hooks, feeder tendrils. He's got backplates like the Hive Queen, and also 3 pairs of mandibles like her. In my fluff those guards should be shielded by warp field.

The idea was also to make a Cthulhu Star Spawn using only tyranid bits., I hope it's done and that you'll know why the Imperials called my Hivefleet "Cthulhu". Cheers !!!



Daemon Prince of Nurgle WIP

Publié le 13 Octobre 2006 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

A new daemon prince has been released this summer by Games Workshop for their 40K Chaos army. I think it's a cool model, so I've bought it. One thing I didn't like was the bloated head, so I've made a conversion to give him an insectoid head (from old Inferno Demon), then added tentacles and talons. Of course he needed wings as all my creatures. I have also added spikes on the back with green stuff.

So here's the result WIP with black undercoat. More pictures will follow when he's finished, it's just a teaser for now ;) I'll paint it in a classical Nurgle scheme. So I'll have on demon prince of each chaos power at last. The wings will be attached after the painting, they are classical dragon wings, not original but well suitable for this model.

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