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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

Angron, World Eaters Primarch, WIP

Publié le 25 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

Hi people !

After doing Slaanesh and Nurgle Daemon Princes, I've decided to do a daemon prince of Khorne. And what better candidate could I find than Angron himself, the mighty World Eaters Primarch ?

Inspiration came from 2 ways : a conversion of Angron done by the GW staff a few years ago for a Games day, and the Horus Heresy artbook from the Black Library.

So basically, it's a mix of the 40k Daemon prince (body/head/arms) and a bloodthirster (wings, horns, cloth, tail, axe), plus a few skulls and chains, a collar of Khorne, Be'Lakor's cloth, and of course some green stuff work and bass guitar strings as wires.

WIP Angron, primarch of the World Eaters

I've experimented sculpt a bit here, doing a skull on the knee and right arm. Making the sword longer was easy, but doing the chainaxe was complicated, I used the Bloodthirster axe as base, the left had of this BT, and 4 chain axes of chaos marines. I also tried an alternative to Green Stuff called Pro Create (gray stuff). I'm quite happy of the result so far.  

Check additionnal pictures here :

1, 2, and 3

And feel free to comment and interact please...


Cellar archaeology : DX Daimos !!!

Publié le 17 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

Here's another robot my mother found in the attic, I used to play with it about 25 years ago :)

A DX Daimos from Bandai / Popy ! Always a pleasure to find this kind of thing, cause it's loaded with emotions and souvenirs. I've played so much with this one and with my Daltanias. It's pretty in good condition though, I've been careful with this toy :) It was much more solid than nowadays'robots, e.g. my Genesic Gaogaigar from CMS which broke at a knee while I moved it...

I also have the box... Wanna see the box ? front side and back


Emperor's Children Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Publié le 16 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

Today I'd like to introduce you to my lastest custom daemon prince : A Prince of Pleasure from the Emperor's Children Slaanesh renegade army @ Warhammer 40k. Take the children away, as this one is kind of X-rated, but after all, this is a prince of pleasure ... :)

This figure has a special story. I bought it as a custom daemon prince on ebay. Then it had some accident and was broken in several locations. I decided to redo it but I added my own touch to the conversion : wings of course, a tail, another head, and of course some painting nearly everywhere. So yes, I had much pleasure doing this one... but No, not THAT kind of pleasure ;)

I used matte varnish and gloss varnish on the claws and right shoulder.

You'll find more informations about parts and more pictures here : 1, 2, 3


Grail in ! Megahouse Aura Bettler Zwauth arrived !

Publié le 13 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

Today, Friday the 13th, is a perfect day to unveil my latest acquisition. In a collector's life, there are highs and lows, and there are those magic days when you get the unique item, the end of a long lasting quest, a dream come true... That's what happened yesterday, I got my Aura Battler Zwauth limited figure from Megahouse. 1000 thanks to my Japanese friend Masayuki who hunted this item and got it at an incredible price. You rule Iserlohn :)

The Zwauth aura battler is a custom variant of the Zwarth made for the Black Knight, you can see it in the Dunbine OVA. I love the design of this 'mecha', very organic or biomechanical, chaotic, devilish. I had done already a garage kit of this mech, because it was the only way for me to get a figure of it, but i didn't know my cunning hunter at that time ;)

The model itself is huge, i mean HUGE : wingspan of 64 cm, height : 35 cm, width : 43 cm, weight : 5 kg !!! This is a resin figure with a few PVC parts (hands, sword), of course this is no action figure but a statue. It's prepainted in a nice way. The details is extraordinary, you can watcht it for hours and still find new details, amazing. I guess it's from master sculptor Takeya. Only the Japanese were mad enough to dare producing such a monster, it was extraordinary difficult to make justice to such a complex being, but they managed to do it !

This is definitely a figure of all the superlatives (and believe it, I've seen many things in  20 years of collecting figures !), it has something of the ultimate collector item.

Come on, check the monster:


No picture can really show how impressive and detailed it is, but I've tried to show you most of the details in the gallery : here


Chaos & Daemons Gallery, massive update

Publié le 11 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

I have updated my chaos daemons gallery by adding more than 20 new pictures : some better pics of my works, and also new pictures of old treasures, vintage miniatures from my collection.

You'll find Angron, Fulgrim, Mortarion primarches, 2 balrogs, Uhrmacht, a Iron Warriors Prince, Be'Lakor, my homemade Eidolon, Kain, Tzeentch Daemon prince, Foulspawn, and even more... A teaser ? My Eidolon :

Others are here, if you dare.


NEW !!! My online shop / ebay store

Publié le 9 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Hellric

During 20 years of collecting of miniatures but also of listening metal, I have collected a huge amount of miniatures and cd's. Time pass and sometimes you don't get any more interest into some things, so I decided to clear some space and sell some items.

Some are rare, vintage miniatures (e.g. Ral Partha, Grenadier, Citadel, RAFM, Marauder, Harlequin Miniatures, Global games and more ...), and might interest a collector, so I've opend an ebay store to offer you a chance to get them.

What you see in is just a beginning, I'll add more as time pass, so check it often :)

oh, yeah the address is quite easy to remember :


If you're looking for something special, feel free to ask, I might help. If you need advice about CD's, I can help too.


New miniature maker : Troll forged

Publié le 8 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Miniatures news

If you're into science fiction or fantasy wargaming miniatures, I'd like to show you this new miniature manufacturer :


The guy behind this is no other than Hive Trygon, who amazed me during years with his gigantic, scratch-built tyranid biotitans. You may have seen his work on Coolminiornot or on Warpshadow.

Check his website, minis are to be for sale soon, beginning with 25 mm range, including a very nice "rot demon" that all Nurgle fans will love :)

Happy Easter BTW ;)


Rackham Demon, at last !!!

Publié le 4 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Miniatures news

Great news, I expected this for years ... Fine French miniatures makers Rackham has posted pics of their upcoming and first demon lord, called Moloch I guess. This should be an ally for the Undead of Acheron.

Maybe not the best demon miniatures you've seen, but quite worthy to become of of my nightmare miniatures one day...


Death Guard Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Publié le 1 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

As a huge chaos fan and daemons invocator, I couldn't resist buying this daemon prince of Nurgle from Gams Workshop, even if it wasn't  completely to my taste. A small conversion work was done to update him to my gimmicks, I mean I added him wings and a tentacled head. I didn't like the head he has so I've found an insectoid head was suitable for a Nurgle daemon. I added even more mandibles, the Nurgle front horn and a long tentacle, with wires at the back of the head to plug into the backpack. I replaced the left hand with the one of a Chaos spawn, and gave him a small, ridiculous tail, also taken from the spawn. I used the exhaust tubes from the original demon to put them between the wings. And finally I added another spike on the left arm. The conversion was done few months ago, then the motivation came back two weeks ago when I began reading the excellent Horus Heresy novels from Graham Mc Neil. There I find the spark of motivation to paint him. The paint scheme isclassical, though some of you may find he's not disgusting enough.

Here's the result !

This model was really fun to paint, because of all those nasty details you have to pick, the funniest parts to make were his belly and the sword. It was good to come back to smaller miniatures after all those huge, neverending projects.

I hope you'll enjoy the Lord of Flies ! :)

More pictures in the gallery as usual from any angles :

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.