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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

New Robots on my shelves :)

Publié le 29 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

Hi there,

Today I'd like to point out some new robots from my gallery, recent purchases that I didn't review but who might interest some of you anyway, in case you didn't notice them in the Mech gallery: 

Gundam Fix Figuration Gerbera Tetra, I like its original design, for a Gundam :


CMS limited edition Transformers Dai Atlas :


Super Robot Wars Grungust II :


Feel free to ask if you have questions about these.


World of Warcraft Deluxe Figure : Illidan Stormrage

Publié le 28 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Action figures

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new figure that I like a lot. I got it from BBTS.com : Illidan Stormrage, one of the big bad guys on World Of Warcraft, made by DC Unlimited.
It came in a deluxe boxed set with nice artwork, as usual with Blizzard productions.

The beast itself is a large demon of 33 cm to the tip of wings, and about the same wingspan. It's a kind of fallen elf, blind, with huge horns, beautiful demonic wings, cloven hoofs, and two original, vicious bladed weapons. There are nearly no articulations, but this is no toy, but a superb statue, and the pose is very good anyway, very dynamic.
It's mainly PVC, with some careful paint application, slightly better than on McFarlane action figures for example, and the wings are translucent. Impressive for the 34$ price tag...


Fewture EX Gokin, Great Mazinger 1969

Publié le 27 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

At last ! Here's my first EX Gokin model from Fewture, the Great Mazinger 1969. I wasn't really fan of the Bandai SOC version, but I fell in love whit this awesome version from Fewture. The design is completely redone, way darker, more intimidating, nearly evil. It has a more technological look, making it even more "real".

And I wasn't disappointed when I got it. Very, very nice packaging, coming with design notes from M. Taku Sato. 
Then the gokin himself : heavy, shiny, perfectly finished, and measuring about 24 cm high. Sharp details, stable even without its stand, it has a lot of presence.
Diecast is everywhere : whole body, legs and arms, rest is ABS/PVC.
The joints are numerous and strong, they have a real quality feel.
As accessories you have the sword which can be combined with Mazinger's one to make a big double edged sword, various hands, forearms with magnets, two Brain Condor (normal and with folding wings to hold in Maz 's head, the Great Booster jet with rotary wings to attach to the back, and two front plates (red and translucent red). The only flaw I have is that I cannot open the mouth.
Killer release, this is my toy of the year 2007 !


More pictures here in the gallery :
1, 2, 3, 4.

Third Custom Great Cthulhu sighted !

Publié le 27 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

Hallo there !

As my inspiration has shifted, my project of another homemade Great Cthulhu has grown and is now ready to be painted.

I tried to make another style of Cthulhu, more thin and with enhanced features from various water beasties. I alkso tried to make it dynamic but still corresponding to usual pose (crouch on rocks). OK I know Cthulhu is supposed to be fat but it's also supposed to be able to shift its mass  at will so here most of it is on the wings, head, legs and tail : ready to move !

It's based on McFarlane Sorcerer Dragon from Serie 5 for the body, wings are from Komodo Clan dragon from the same serie. The head and tail finns are from the Reaper Goroloth, a perfec head for a Cthulhu, isn't it ? 
The hands are from Water Dragon from Mcfarlane dragons, serie 3. I added spikes using ProCreate on shoulders, elbows, knees, long nails to fingers, and to fill the gaps between parts of course. I added also some finns on the legs. Right are has also to be repositionned as it was in the way of the tentacles :)

Now I have to paint it, should take about 2 months due to my workload. As usual, the wings will be assembled after painting, so they can be more easily handled...


Volks A3 - F-15J Kagerou

Publié le 20 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Mech & robots

Here's my second figure from the Total Eclipse Muv-Luv Alternative series from Volks : the F-15J Kagerou. A clear reference to US AIr Force F-15 Eagle, and you can find the inspiration in the wings from the rear jump pack... 

All I said for red Type-00F stays true, it's a very classy and detailed figure, with very careful paint application and nice details. It has various swords,  guns and a shield. It's a bit difficult to make it stand but when you've found the position, it's quite stable.




Cthulhu figure conversion from Gamera parts

Publié le 20 Janvier 2008 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

Hi there, 
I'm back to business after some months of creative desert, but here's a new small conversion to heat up again : a small Cthulhu spawn made with Gamera gashapon figures and some ProCreate. It might be used as a Guard in my upcoming Cthulhu splinter fleet for 40K Tyranids too.
It has some similarities with Cloverfield monster, but I just noticed this today, it wasn't intentional at all, but heh, great minds comes alike ;)

The figure is about 10 cm high to the tip of wing, 6 cm high to the head. This small project may seem very

Enough babble, the pics now (unpainted figure) :