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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

Project : Queen of Thorns, Tyranid Hive Queen

Publié le 26 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Tyranids

Tha last articles have been about news of the miniature world, but some things happen in my office too !

Last year we had a project with one of the most talented tyranid sculptors on Planet Earth, Hydra from the Warpshadow.com forum. He made in his own style a version of my Tyranid Hive queens, massive Hive tyrants who lead massive swarms and devastate foes while giving birth to more horrors on the battlefield.

The theme of my hivefleet is Cthulhu, so the beast had obviously to evoke the great old One in her design.

Hydra really did his best and I was so amazed when I got the model ! Thousand Thanks to him !

Now I'm working on painting it, and it's 75% done.

Here are shots of the unpainted model... in a few weeks, expect it !!!





New GW stuff : Slaughterbrute and Chaos Warriors

Publié le 26 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

They never stop @ Games Workshop... Now they are redoing the Chaos Warriors army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

New heroes and troops, of course, but as you know me, I only like to biggest bad ones. And they brought something fresh this time : the Slaughterbrute / Mutalithe plastic kit. This is a mix of a giant Chaos Spawn and a Daemon.

Here's the Slaughterbrute version (Khorne ?!)

GW Chaos Slaughterbrute



And the Mutalithe version (Tzeentch ?!)


GW Chaos Slaughterbrute


So as soon as I saw these, ideas began to pop in my head... and I decided to make my own version, I'll use both version to make my own, adding wings and my own little touch... Ordered the whole thing and in a week I should get them... I don't want to tell much more about my ideas now but stay tuned... Expect us ! ;)


New Kickstarter : Cthulhu from Mythos Foundry

Publié le 26 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

Iä, Iä, Cthulhu f'thagn !!!

I just saw this new Kickstarter today, thanks to my friend Ed, and I HAD to share with you. If you read this blog, you should be interested...

This is a project of a sculpture of the Great Cthulhu in 30mm scale, so the beast is 21" tall (53 cm !), it's still early WIP but the concept just rocks, it's quite a classical interpretation of the bad guy, not too crowded but gribbly as hell anyway :)

The model should come in high quality resin, the famous Trollcast from Troll Forged Miniatures.

So here's the concept :

Cthulhu by Mythos Foundry


And the first WIP :

Cthulhu by Mythos Foundry

So if, like me you feel this project deserves to see the light, then join us in the backing :)


Release expected in july.


Amazing Daemon miniature kit : Nine Skies Monster - Barretta

Publié le 6 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

Now I'd like to show you one of the most amazing Daemon miniature ever. It's a resin kit, sculpted by a very, very talented Taiwanese artist called PK King.

It seems it's inspired by old Chinese legend, but I don't know exactly, anyway this is an amazing all-purpose demon for all games. Beware, it's really huge, about the size of a Titan from Forgeworld, even bigger than FW's Bloodthirster !

This is my biggest project for 2013, I hope I find time and motivation to do it.

The Balance of the Nine Skies - Barretta by PK King

The Balance of the Nine Skies - Barretta by PK King


Cthulhu news ! New Great Old One model sighted @ Reaper

Publié le 4 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Cthulhu

Kickstarter is becoming a benediction for the miniatures companies : we saw the succesfull Kickstarter from Troll Forged Miniatures, and Reaper Miniatures has also run a very succesfull one. One of the last objectives to be reached was to get a Cthulhu miniature, and, good news, they made it !

So this is the concept of the to-be-released-in april (?) Great Cthulhu from Reaper. Forget the small star spawn Eldritch Demon, this is big stuff !


Reaper Great Cthulhu


And the even have Deep Ones coming (called "Deep dwellers") :


Reaper Deep Dwellers


Miniature news : Diablo 3 statue, from Sideshow

Publié le 2 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Chaos & Demons

I've been a Diablo Player since the first edition of the game, back in 1997, and this game is one of my all-time favorites. Last year Blizzard gave us a third iteration of the game, and since I saw the final monster, Diablo as the Prime Evil rising for the corrupted body of the poor sweet Leah, I've been dreaming about getting a miniature of this monster.

I know many people are not happy with the design, considering it as being too "female" but personally I find it exquisite, awesome in every meaning of the word !

First I was expecting an action figure, but then I saw that Sideshow Collectibles, famous for their high end statues, were doing it. As usual, Sideshow is giving it all the nasty details, and it's huge : more than 50 cm high and 30 cm wide, ... and the price is hellish too !


Anyway... Wow, definitely need to find space for this baby, will be great besides my SOTA Cthulhu ;)


Diablo 3 Statue - Sideshow


Diablo 3 Statue - Sideshow


Troll Forged Alien Assimilation Host (Kickstarter)

Publié le 1 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Tyranids

So... here we go with the first news.

For 2013's premiere, I'd like to announce you news from my friend Ed's Troll Forged Miniatures. He has run a Kickstarter in late 2012 for the launch of his line of 30 mm alien miniatures : "Alien Assimilation Host". The Kickstarter had a huge success and Ed has got more than 54.000 $ !

So here are the concepts of the full line, to be released in may 2013. These models will for sure appeal to the players of Warhammer 40K Tyranids and to the fans of Lovecraft and Alien miniatures.

I can't wait to put my brushes on those babies !!! :)

The Overlord :

Assimilation Alien Host - Overlord


The Queen :

Assimilation Alien Host - Queen


The Warriors :

Assimilation Alien Host - Swarm Warrior


And even more on the Troll Forged album...


Back !!! :)

Publié le 1 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Hellric

2013 !!! New year, new resolutions. I have to apologize for the lack of updates last year. I have to confess I had lost the flame, I've been doing no painting and no collecting either. I spent too much time on stupid casual gaming on iPad and Facebook, also have a nice family to handle and I've been working in my free time as volunteer for AFS International (Cultural Exchange for students).

But as I check the stats and see that you are still so many to come see my blog, I just can't leave it like that, in ruins.

So I'll be back with news on the Hobby again, I plan to upgrade my collection with both prepainted statues and homemade stuff, I even have an exciting community project currently in progress. There won't be as many models as before because I'm becoming very picky though...

More news very soon. Thanks for your patience and support.

Beware, Hellric is rising from its ashes ! Expect me ! ;)