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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

Monsterpocalypse, Cthulhu, huh Lords of Cthul, is rising !

Publié le 13 Mai 2008 par Hellric in Cthulhu

We know a bit more about the Lovecraft things I had shown here and who are part of the new Monsterpocalypse game from Privateer Press. Now the colour pictures are released, and these monsters are part of a faction called "Lords of Cthul", summoned from another dimension by insane worshippers... I've seen this somewhere, but I wonder where  ;) ?
I'm more and more interested in this game mixing big monsters from outer space, super robots and Cthulhu :)
Still no information about prices. Release is expected for fall 2008, as a collectible miniatures game.

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