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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

Giant Hive Queen, last update before end

Publié le 2 Janvier 2007 par Hellric in Tyranids

Hey people,

First I want to wish you all the best for 2007 for you and your family, may your wishes (well, at least some of them) come true and let's hope 2007 will bring us a lot of great new nightmares miniatures and projects.

I'm very happy because my giant hive queen project is coming to its end : the beast is now painted, and I'm finally very satisfied with the result, and this is a relief because on such a big project, you have doubts and fear that all the work you put into the model might not pay in the end. I could have be even further with the paint job but there were so many details to bring to life that I don't have courage to work more on them, but it's cool anyway, and my goal ain't to et a Golden Demon, just to make a cool mini. Now I'm just making a few finitions like a base. The base won't be that impressive, I'll keep it quite simple to contrast with the very busy monster :) I also have to find an appropriate name. Suggestions are welcome : hellric@swing.be if you have an idea...

Now just a few days and you'll be able to see the beast. Be prepared ;)

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