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Hellric's Nightmare miniatures

Blog over my passion of collecting, constructing and painting miniatures and figures, for wargames, roleplay or showcase, including Warhammer 40K Tyranids, Chaos, Daemons, Cthulhu Mythos, various Gundams & super robots, etc...

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Back !!! :)

Publié le 1 Janvier 2013 par Hellric dans Hellric

2013 !!! New year, new resolutions. I have to apologize for the lack of updates last year. I have to confess I had lost the flame, I've been doing no painting and no collecting either. I spent too much time on stupid casual gaming on iPad and Facebook, also have a nice family to handle and I've been working in my free time as volunteer for AFS International (Cultural Exchange for students).

But as I check the stats and see that you are still so many to come see my blog, I just can't leave it like that, in ruins.

So I'll be back with news on the Hobby again, I plan to upgrade my collection with both prepainted statues and homemade stuff, I even have an exciting community project currently in progress. There won't be as many models as before because I'm becoming very picky though...

More news very soon. Thanks for your patience and support.

Beware, Hellric is rising from its ashes ! Expect me ! ;)


Best wishes, forget 2008 and welcome 2009 !

Publié le 8 Janvier 2009 par Hellric dans Hellric

Hi there, I want to wish all the visitors coming here an excellent year 2009 your lives and also in the hobby.

2008 was no exceptionnal year for me in terms of miniatures, I've been disappointed by the new GW and Rackham miniatures, no so many great releases, but I have greater expectations in 2009, especially from promising, starting companies like Ultraforge and of course my friend's Troll Forged Miniatures ... Watch out for cool things coming from there, including a jaw-dropping Demon Prince kit ;)
I'v also been sad to see MacFarlane dropping the dragons/fantasy series, hope 2009 will see the release of SOTA's Nightmares of Lovecraft serie 2.


Warhammer 40K Emperor of Terra

Publié le 1 Juin 2008 par Hellric dans Hellric

After the monstrous Chaos Lord, I've another premiere, since this is my first miniature of the "good guys", and this is not the least, since it's no other than the Emperor himself !

The model is from Top Miniatures, no conversion, I think he was perfect (just some filling in the power glove...). I love this model, which is very close to the depiction of the Horus Heresy IV artbook.

More pictures ? 123.

In Memoriam : Blues (23 November 2006 - 18 May 2008)

Publié le 20 Mai 2008 par Hellric dans Hellric

I want to take some virtual space here to bid farewell to my friend Blues, a Maine Coone female cat that left us much too soon. We'll remember you as the cutest, friendliest and coolest cat we ever had, you'll live forever in our hearts.
Shine on in the Cats'Paradise !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


New projects : the return of Tyranids Nightmares !

Publié le 30 Avril 2008 par Hellric dans Hellric

I've been quiet these weeks on the blog but I'm working on several new projects. I'm quite busy as my wife is also spawning a new Hellric clone (this will be our third one), so I have to do a lot home, but that's for the Hive :D

I'm currently still painting for Hivetrygon's Troll Forge: Slug Demon will be shown very soon. I'm also modelling new beasts... back to an old love : Tyranids, probably because of my big disappointment about the new 40k daemons... I was hoping to get new daemon princes/greater daemons, but no... nothing of this !
So... Going further in the Cthulhu theme for these : I'm building a Cthulhu Tyrant and a Cthulhu Broodlord. The broodlord won't be that spectacular but I'm definitely digging to show the Tyrant, as I've got some nasty ideas for it :) 

Stay tuned ! 

New computer on board : Macbook Pro

Publié le 5 Avril 2008 par Hellric dans Hellric

Hi, this is no miniature news, but this has a link with the blog you're reading, since the computer you're working and surfing on is an important tool, as much as a paintbrush or a digital camera :)

So after 16 years on PC, I've made the switch to Apple, chosing a laptop, a brand new Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (Penryn), 2 GB DDRAM, 250 GB HD, GeForce 8600M GT with 256 MB DDR3. It features an LCD screen, avery user friendly multitouch trackpad. It runs on Mac OS X Leopard, and I think I won't even install Windows on it, as everything I need runs so fine :)

So here's a pic of it :

And the whole workbench with my Dell Dimension 9150, that's where all you can see on this blog happens :)


Upcoming projects

Publié le 30 Septembre 2007 par Hellric dans Hellric

Sorry if I've been quiet and for the lack of updates, I took some 'creative sabbatical times' but this is in no way a lack of interest or motivation.  I have many projects in mind to give me work until at least june 2008.
A lot of Lovecraft-inspired miniatures of course, I'm currently working on a small Cthulhu made with Gamera figures (the Turtle/dragon-like creature from a manga). 
I've also begin to work on 2 Cthulhu inspired tyranids : cthulhu Broolord and Cthulhu Hive Tyrant. Expect all of these this year.
Then I'll also make a custom Cthulhu, my third one actually, using McFarlane dragons.
Later also, I have a Keeper of Secrets from Forgeworld to do, and a Medusa/Mother Hydra custom action figure.

I'll also get some new robots this year, and of course pictures will be provided. 

Maybe some new chaos conversions will be integrated in the planning, as the new plastic spawns and possessed offer new perspectives for sure.

So many projects are showing, stay tuned.


New digital camera ! Fuji Finepix S5700

Publié le 11 Juillet 2007 par Hellric dans Hellric

Hi, today I've got my new camera, a Finepix S5700 from Fujifilm. 
I've tried it on my latest miniature, Magnus the Red. I played a bit with Paint Shop Pro and also got a 2 lamps setup (mix halogen/fluorescent) to give better lighting. So here is a new shot :

Old shot :


Now I can even zoom to give you more detail too :


Ain't it better like this ?

Nightmare Cat

Publié le 12 Mai 2007 par Hellric dans Hellric

Today I want to introduce you to another kind one nightmare "miniature" : our young cat. She's called Blues, a lovely Maine Coone, blue silver & white, 5 months old and already more than 3 kg. The size of an adult cat with the awkwardness and the energy of a kitten. Imagine the mess she can do in a shelf full of figures :)

That's why my office is now a restricted area for her...




NEW !!! My online shop / ebay store

Publié le 9 Avril 2007 par Hellric dans Hellric

During 20 years of collecting of miniatures but also of listening metal, I have collected a huge amount of miniatures and cd's. Time pass and sometimes you don't get any more interest into some things, so I decided to clear some space and sell some items.

Some are rare, vintage miniatures (e.g. Ral Partha, Grenadier, Citadel, RAFM, Marauder, Harlequin Miniatures, Global games and more ...), and might interest a collector, so I've opend an ebay store to offer you a chance to get them.

What you see in is just a beginning, I'll add more as time pass, so check it often :)

oh, yeah the address is quite easy to remember :


If you're looking for something special, feel free to ask, I might help. If you need advice about CD's, I can help too.

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